We’re First Savings & Loan, a small locally owned bank in Mebane, North Carolina specializing in home
loans and savings accounts.

What are the advantages of banking locally? 


Simply put, we treat people like people. All of our customers are local, which means we don’t see you as just a small number in a sea of spreadsheets. You’re probably our neighbor, our kid’s math teacher, or that helpful guy at the hardware store. Your business with us means a world of difference and we believe you should be treated that way.  

You won’t need an 800 number to speak to someone here; we’re right down the street. Our knowledgeable staff has been with us for years, so when you bank with us, chances are you’ll be speaking to someone who knows you and your family. 

Loans & home mortgages

Loans here are simple. With lower closing costs, your loan or mortgage will be handled right here, by  us. We underwrite it, we approve it, and we service it. That means your loans are serviced quickly and we make all the decisions here.  

Savings accounts

Just because we’re small doesn’t mean our deposit rates aren’t competitive. Being local means our overhead is low, and we don’t have stockholders, so we’re able to pass on savings to our customers instead. Who doesn’t like that?  

When you’re over 100 years old, some people see you as old fashioned; but really, we just like to keep things simple. That’s why we offer Passbook Savings accounts. You don’t need an app for that, just a pen.  

First Savings & Loan Association provides mortgages, home loans, savings accounts and certificates of deposit for customers in Mebane, Alamance County and surrounding communities. 
A kid depositing money into his savings account in Mebane, north Carolina
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